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I am currently studying Information Systems, Computer Science, and Machine Learning at Carnegie Mellon University. My research interests are rooted in the intersection of HCI, computer vision, and robotics. Motivated by these fields, I have pursued research in human-robot interaction, assistive technologies, personalized healthcare, and software testing. These amalgamate to explore the following overarching question: how do we use theory in cognitive science to inform the development of more intelligent tools?

I am currently applying to PhD programs to begin in Fall 2022!

Welcome to my personal website! Here you will find a comprehensive list of my work. Please reach out if you have any interesting ideas :)


I have had previous research, industry, and classroom experience in :

Python: Tensorflow, OpenCV
Web Dev: HTML, JavaScript, CSS
App Dev: Swift, Processing, Ruby
Programming Languages: Python, C, Java, SML
Hardware: Particle Argon, Cozmo, Accelerometer
Languages: English, Telugu, Hindi


Below is my resume, an amalgamation of industry and research experience in many fields of computer science.


Bachelor of Science

2018 - 2022

Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, PA

Major in Information Systems with minors in Computer Science and Machine Learning. At CMU, I was a member of Student Senate, Engineers without Borders, Carnegie Mellon Business Association, and Saans Acapella.

Professional Experience

Software Engineering Intern

Summer 2020

Dick’s Sporting Goods, Pittsburgh, PA

Worked in a team of engineers, product managers, and a UX designer to implement a curbside pick-up feature on the Dick’s Sporting Goods iOS app, promoting user convenience by exceeding feature parity with the web app

  • Designed a Swift backend that supports in-app pick-up, using Postman to leverage custom APIs to alert store employees when customers arrive
  • Implemented UX mock-ups for the app’s frontend by building custom Swift UI elements, threading screen transitions, and utilizing Xcode storyboards
  • Completed an extensive user study by surveying hundreds of DSG customers about their experiences using the existing web app’s curbside pickup feature

Computer Science Instructor


Juni Learning, Palo Alto, CA

I teach Python, Scratch (block-based programming), and Java to students aged 5-18. I conduct weekly, one hour private and semi-private lessons and teach algorithmic thinking and fundamental computer science topics such as data structures, recursion, etc.

Research Experience

REU Intern

Summer 2021

Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, PA

  • Worked on a project using a deep learning language model to analyze the naturalness of automatically generated software engineering tests
  • Developed and trained a Transformer language model and wrote a prediction script for determining entropy value of a test file
  • Work has implications in developing more readable and applicable automatic test generating software
  • Conducted an exploratory study analyzing the current state of data visualization techniques in software engineering user studies to inform the construction of a platform for conducting user studies

HCR Lab Researcher


University of Washington, Seattle, WA

  • Worked on the development of SOBORO (Social Robot Programming Language) for Cozmo robot through developing a grammar, parsing user input to abstract syntax tree, and feeding input to Cozmo driver
  • Conducted a user study analyzing mental models of end users programming with Cozmo robot to inform the development of a social robot programming language
  • Mapped programming paradigms to people's thought processes to find trends in programming concurrency tasks with social robots

Rui Zhang Lab Intern

Summer 2019

University of Delaware, Wilmington, DE

  • Developed an image based indoor localization system utilizing mobile phone images
  • Constructed an algorithm using focal geometry of mobile phone camera and image to localize a user
  • Identified landmarks to reconstruct 3D models and localize a user



Below is my contact information. Please reach out if you have any questions or interesting ideas you'd like to share!


+1 302 415 5375